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Tipping your vendors

I know what you may be thinking, why should you tip your vendors when you're already digging into your pockets just to pay for their goods and services? Well that's exactly why you should be tipping! Like when dining out, your bill at the end of the night reflects the costs of the food and drinks you ordered and consumed. However, someone was required by that restaurant to craft your drink, wait on your table, buss it once you were finished... if you believe those people provided an exceptional service, it's only natural to tip them to show your appreciation. Likewise, you should think about tipping various vendors for the exceptional service they provide on the day of your wedding! Rule of thumb: anyone working the event SHOULD get a tip!

Remember to check your contracts before handing out tips. Some may have the gratuity built in, in which case it isn't necessary to provide more of a tip come wedding day. It also isn't required to tip the owner of the company if they're providing the service themselves (unless they really went above and beyond for you). However, an extra thank you is always welcome after your vendors spend their days helping make your wedding dreams come to life. Cash tips should be passed to your planner in sealed envelopes to be distributed at the end of the night. Below is a list of the various vendors who should be included in your tips, as well as the appropriate amount:

Hair & Makeup Artist

Just like when you tip your stylist at regular hair appointments and spa visits, you should also tip those on your wedding day


Set-Up Staff

Again, while you paid your rental company for use of their products, it's customary to then tip the crew hired to deliver and set up your rentals. Moving around furniture, placing linens,





10-15% of the bill

Bar Staff/Serving Staff

10-15% of the bill, to be divided amongst each group

And last but not least...

Your wedding planner!

Yes, we realize that it's weird to include the planner in this last considering we ARE the planners. We know, we know... But bare with us! It's customary to give the planner a personal gift or an cash amount between 10-15% of the total bill (depending on their role throughout the process). Any additional members of the planning team should also receive similar gifts in lesser amounts. Hint hint: These girls are avid Starbucks drinkers & TJ Maxx shoppers ;)

Remember, while tipping isn't necessary, an expression of your appreciation will go a long way. If you can't afford to dish out additional funds after the cost of the wedding, don't forget to send a positive review to your vendors, as well as a handwritten thank you note. We're sure to appreciate it.


The Ladies of JLE

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