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Welcome to the New and Improved JLE!

Well if this isn't labor of love..... Being detail oriented, crafty, picky, and over analizying, this took a little longer than I would have wanted but all good things come with time. Rome definitly wasn't built in day and neither will my empire.

I have come along way since I started my journey on the crazy world that is event planing. This industry continutes to grow and so do I. I've changed so much and only for the better. With each year I get better at all aspects of my this career that is my passion. Every business owner goes through their ups and downs, highs and lows and if there is a second of doubt that I am not where I am suppose to be, I remember why I started and all the beautiful moments that make up the events I've done and realize that my this is it.

As my business grows and changes so doesn my brand. While the core values and my mission is still the same, I have grown up and so should my brand. It not only reflects the type of look I wanted but it is a direct reflection of me and my clientele. Beauitful, strong, sophisticated, loving, faithful and growing.

I am incredibly grateful for my friends, my family, past clients, my current clients, my vendor friends, and for God to have helped and allowed me to get where I am today. A special thank you to April Foster from Paper Dolls Design for dealing with my craziness and changes when it comes to my logo, website and all the other design elements that went into my rebrand. As we continue together on othe rmarketing materials and such I will post as each new aspect is finished. Until then check out the gorgeousness that is my new brand and all of Aprils hard work!

We also hope you enjoy the new website so be sure to check it out!

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