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Why hiring a wedding planner is an investment!

When you get engaged and are thinking of hiring a wedding planner, the biggest thing that most worry about and the elephant in the room is the cost. Pricing is a touchy subject for event the planner you are speaking to. I know for me, sharing my pricing will always will always make me a little nervous and it gets easier over time as my work and experience have improved over the years. It has become easier to explain why my pricing is an investment. It is not just about the money. If you are paying to book myself and my team you are making an investment in Jamie Leigh Events and I am making an investment in that clients life.

There are lots who don't understand the value of a wedding planner but our time helps you make the most and best of yours. Recommending vendors, answering phone calls, attending meetings, serving as a middle man for the client and vendors, are only just a few things that we handle. But as an overall , we do so much more than that. The amount of work and detail that goes unseen is always under estimated. The more weddings I do, I have realized I get more involved and intricate and become a part of my life.

Now this isn't to say that wedding planning is rocket science but it does require what other jobs do such as patience, hard work, organization, dedication, creative thinking, passion, leadership and more.

As your wedding planner , myself and my staff will do these things and so much more. From the time you sign to even after the event, we have an unmeasurable amount of hours have been spent to make sure that your dream came true. While most only see what goes on in the meetings, and the day of the event, there are a lot of behind the scenes to make sure you we are meting and exceeding our clients expectations.

I can't say this enough but Peace of Mind is what we pride ourselves in. There are lists of things we can provide you, some tangible and some untangible but these include knowing the best professionals to give you what you need, experience in the things that would be the new to you, timelines, checklists, and wedding day execution. All while being you professional work of reason, planner and sensitive to all the different, crazy, up and down emotions that come with wedding planning. We put ourselves in our clients shoes as much as possible to be able to help make decisions for them or on their behalf.

We also recommend vendors who are going to put fourth the same effort and care into your big day. We are the person you can trust and depend on to go the work leading up to and on your wedding day and the big part of your investment.

We could breakdown even further the amount of work that goes into your investment but it would take days! And who has time for that and plan a wedding?

We hope this helps you to understand your investment and understand how important your wedding day is just as important to us.


Jamie Leigh

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