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Once in a while something happens that changes your life forever. You would think buying a house, renovating it and getting married in the same year would be kind of big but then you see those double pink lines and have to take 13478937589342750 other tests to confirm and go with them all saying postive. Shock, anxiety and happiness can hit you all at once. For the longest time my baby has been this company and my Roxy girl. I have dedicated most of my life to wedding planning and it is much of what I have known next to cheerleading since I was 18. I was overjoyed to pregnant, especially when you hear before hand there may be issues getting pregnant. But I knew that on top of a new hubs, who is extremely supportive of my company, I had already set guidelines for him and I time not Jamie work all day every day, now meant more time I will have give to someone who is relying on me. It is a scary thought but I wouldn't change it for the world. I am a planner, clearly, and I have lists, schedules and goals that I have been coming up with since I found out so that Jamie Leigh Events, my first baby, will not loose any attention or that I will not have to give up anything that I have worked for. I am choosing to be a sucessful business owner, wife, and mother. I have new systems in place and a very hard working, dedicated and amazing team of ladies that work for me.

With that being said, Bodhi Merrill Austin, yes he is named after Point Break and how fitting they are coming out with the new remake on his due date, will be here any day. Actually hoping and praying before Christmas. Not only because I know what it's like to have a December birthday and have all your gifts wrapped in X Mas paper and no one can come to your birthday party because they have family things, but because I'm going on my second week of contractions and pain and the doctors seem to just tell me to deal with it......NOT A HAPPY CAMPER. I'm trying not to complain but sometimes you just want to punch your doctor in the face, thats all. He is just really cozy all up in there and is totally ok with mom just hanging out.

I wanted to share some of my maternity photos. I was lucky enough to get ones by myself and with the hubs. While this hasn't be the easiest, best pregnancy in the world, it is crazy to think I am growing a human. I am going to be a mom, I am already a mom. That I will get to meet him any day now........Life is a crazy thing.

Photography by Allyson B Photography

Location: Studio HR

Photography by Andi & Zoe Photography

Venue: Whalehead Club - Where we got married! Make up: Dhalia Edwards

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