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End of the Year!

Whenever I finish a year filled with great events, it feels like crossing a finish line! I love to look back and think of all the great things we have done and learned along the way. With each year I grow as a person and as a planner. I am looking forward to the down time and with a new baby, it will be needed, short lived but needed. I will use this time to reevaluate how this past year went and, create new goals for next year and take what I have learned and improve on it to make sure our clients receive the best and most memorable event of their life.

I am so very thankful for the clients we had this year, and for all the amazing vendors that we get to work with. I am lucky to call this not only my job but my career. I can't wait to add new clients to my 2016 JLE family and working with new vendors as well as venture out onto new things. I will be blogging about The Boss In You and all the amazing people involved in this great learning experience so stay tuned for that!

As far as my girls, Maria, Jen, Ashley and Kristin. You guys are amazing and I don't know what I would do without you. I know not all of you have been with me for as long as others but you keep me going! You learn fast and take charge which is what I love and I cannot express how much I love you guys! With the new baby and knowing I have to give up some of the reigns, I am glad I have you guys to take over and help!

I can't believe this year has gone by so fast! Seriously where did time go?!?! But I wanted to wish everyone safe and Happy New Year!!!


Jamie Leigh

Photo by Tara Liebeck Photography

( Clearly I can't wait for a new headshot not Preggo!!!)

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