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Bundle of Joy!

Well this past month has been a whirlwind. In this world, there is no maternity leave. I was answering inquiries and emails the whole time I was in labor at the hospital ha. It helped me to not realize what was going on till she told me it was time to push.

I actually spent most of the labor at home. It all started on the December 26th around 3pm and boy did it get worse. No sleep, 4 baths and 4 showers later, I finally was ready to say F this, I need to go to the hospital around 5am. At that point everything I did made the contractions worse. I could barely fill out the forms at the hospital and by the time I got into the hospital gown they were wheeling me into the labor room and setting me up for an epidural. For those women who don't have an epidural, more power to you. I give you props and praise for being able to go through that without it. But lord, that was the best thing in the world. I was more scared of the epidural than the labor ha. So while I lay there for the first time in, oh 6 months not in pain, I was talking to vendors, brides and sending out emails like a champ. Hubs was over there, eating in front of me ( I wasn't allowed to eat....hardest part for me. I was starving!!!) and watching football. Good thing for him right as the Patriots game ended was when they said it was time to push.

At 4:30pm is when the doctor came in and the pushing began. Once again, thank god for epidurals! I get through one pushing session, and the girl next door to me is in labor. So they tell me to hang tight (which how do I do that when you just told me it's time?!?!) and the docor heads next door to her. I wait about 5 minutes and shes back in saying she wasn't ready and we go back at it. 3 pushing sessions later, my son is born. Bodhi Merrill Austin. 7 lbs 11 oz, 20 1/2 inches long, born at 4:59pm on December 27, 2015. I went from being a normal girl to a mom just like that. The most wonderful, beautiful person came into my life. I can't even describe the feeling, but it is only something women who are moms can agree with.

On a side note, if someone would have told me that labor would have been that easy for me, I would have complained way less during the pregnancy. Labor was nothing compared to the 10 months of carrying him.

I am so incredibly in love with him. Hoping he gets brown eyes so he has something of his moms since the only thing he resembles is a complete clone of my husband. I literally spend hours staring at his gorgeous face and try to pick out something that I have.....merp....oh well ha.

I knew we had to have newborn photos done. I knew I would regret it if we didn't. And we had to use Trisha Sheehan. She is amazing and has a way with babies! You have to use her if you are looking for newborn photos!

Being a mom is the best job. I have learned so much in just the few weeks we have had him and I know that I will learn something new everyday. Everyday I was pregnant, I felt like I was warned about the bad things, no sleep, messy house, nipple cream etc. Even from strangers in line at Target. But while I knew all those things, I didn't realize how much you could actually love someone. A tiny little person that I created. It's crazy the amount of joy and happiness you feel the first time you hold your baby. That regardless of the arguements you have with your husband because you're both tired and overwhelmed, watching him with my son would make me love him more and more everyday. I learned that as much as every girl freaks out over whether their body will go back after the baby, that it will heal in its own time, and that leggings will be your bff even if I fit in my pre preggo pants. The getting up in the middle of the night would be worth it when he falls asleep on my chest and is snuggling as close to me as he can get.

The feeling I got when I first realized he was looking at me was amazing, I am so in love with this tiny little human I get to call my son. Bodhi you are so loved, more than you will ever know and I cannot express how happy I am to be your mom.

We were lucky enough to be able to get some family photos by the lovely Raygan Michelle Photography. She is a sweetheart and I can't wait to work with her! If you are in need of a photographer for you wedding,event or just some family photos, be sure to contact her!

Thank you everyone for your calls, texts, emails and visits!!!

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