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Beachy kind of love

Who doesn't love a good beach inspired styled shoot? Sure, we see them a lot in Hampton Roads, but is that really a bad thing? We enjoy the challenge of creating a look that's different from what everyone else has done, so when Elizabeth Friske approached us about styling her brand session... complete with vintage treasure chests, the perfect color scheme, and an abundance of fresh florals... swooooon. I couldn't help but think that Ariel herself was going to step out of the water and sit down at our table. And the great thing about this shoot was that most of the decor was stuff that Jamie and Elizabeth already had... Fun fact: normally we buy out Homegoods when we're planning shoots. But hey, better to have too much than not enough!

Another fun fact about this shoot (Jamie will probably cringe when she sees that I put this):

Sandbridge was SO windy that day. I'm sure you can imagine. While Elizabeth was attempting to get a few ring shots, the wind blew the entire set up over and we lost our couple's wedding bands... yes it's as bad as it sounds. *Insert major panic attach here.* After at least 5 minutes of frantically sifting through the sand on our hands and knees, silently praying that we find the rings because our couple was only a few feet away and we couldn't hold off telling them any longer... We struck gold! The sea gods were on our side that day. The funny part about the whole ordeal was that when we finally turned around to tell the models what had happened, they admitted to thinking we'd been trying to get the sand to look just right for the next set of shots. "Wow, a lot really goes into this!" Hah, it really does... it goes to show how much goes on behind the scenes that no one else ever finds out about!

Okay, one last fun fact! Jamie & Bohdi are definitely in a lot of these pictures! When the wind is basically hurricane force and you have a big tulle skirt, someone has to stand behind it to hold it in place!


Photographer: Elizabeth Friske

Florals: Palette of Petals

Hair: Beauty by Sharra

Makeup: Dhalia Edwards

Invite: PaperDolls Design

Signage: Tidal Bay Collections Desserts: Maria Martinez (JLE)

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