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Guest Post from Andrew & Tianna

We like to give our clients advice from all the wonderful vendors in the area on things they might not have thought of when planning their wedding. We asked Andrew & Tianna Photography to help us with a tip for all of our brides out there, and the one they came up with is P R E T T Y Amazing! We know this will help you consider where you are getting ready for your big day!

Choosing the Perfect Getting Ready Location

The perfect getting ready location isn’t stumbled upon its carefully selected & chosen. Beautiful brides, you’ve put so much thought into your wedding – don’t let – one important detail that is often overlooked, fall by the wayside.

At the end of this blog we are gonna list some of our favorite places for getting ready in the Hampton Roads area BUT since we service North Carolina, DC, & all of Virginia we are gonna list some key things to consider when choosing your getting ready location. And if you are unsure – our bride or not – just ask! I promise your photographer will love you for thinking through this and considering their opinion.

1. Lots of Light. Light is key. Even just one big window will do the trick. A GREAT photographer can work in any situation and with flash BUT if you want those natural light bright images you see on Pinterest you are not gonna want that stuffy hotel room that only has that one teeny tiny window.

2. Walls with neutral tones. We have photographed a bride getting ready in a bright pink room and once even in a room with some stunningly distracting floral wallpaper. And we made it work but honestly we mostly got super close shots where you didn’t notice the backdrop. Why? My bride you are the subject. We dont want anything distracting from the beautiful bride and her sweet maids.

3. Less is more & in this case we mean less people. The more bodies in the room the more chaotic everything is going to feel…and look. A wide spacious getting ready room with little clutter and as few people as possible will make for some beautiful images. Your wedding is a beautiful day where you are surrounded by your loved ones, watching you pledge you life to your sweetheart. This time of getting ready while you are preparing to walk down the aisle should be a calming one, we know how excited-nervous you must be! The more people in the room we promise the more they will all vie for your attention and likely stress you out. You have the rest of the day to be with your guests so for now gather those closest to you, those that calm you, those that you couldn’t imagine these moments without and choose a room perfect enough to give that bunch plenty of space to laugh, cry, and rejoice with you.

4. Getting ready can be kind of crazy but we want it to look seamless. If you have a nice wide room, awesome – just make sure you ladies store all of your stuff on the side of the room opposite the window. We understand that getting ready happens in a flurry of things to do and that will result in stuff being all over the place but have your ladies clean up a bit before your photographer arrives. Dirty clothes or undergarments in the background of your images wont be your favorite.

Here are a few of our favorite Hampton Roads Getting Ready locations:

Freemason Inn Bed & Breakfast

Church Point Manor

The Jefferson Hotel

The Studio at Chelsea Commons


Andrew & Tianna

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