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Nicole & Matt

Nicole and Matt are one of the most adorable coulee I have ever met! When I did their phone consult, I knew their wedding would be a dream and I wanted to work with them. I love Nicole vision and it turned out even better than expected. Can we talk about how beautiful she looks in her dress?! GOALS?! Both were stunning on their day and we couldn't be happier to have been a part of it.

Oh and the banana pudding they had as extra desert......OMG AMAZING!


Venue: Historic Post Office

Caterer - Mission BBQ

Photographers - Michael & Jasmine Photography,

Florist - Family Friend

DJ - Dj Bobby B

Makeup - Dhalia Edwards,

Hair - Stephanie Michelle,

Officiant - Kim Hodges Cake - Rachel Bakes

Linens/ Chairs - Waterford

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